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Vishnu Auto Parts is the largest marketplace for Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and accessories. Our extensive inventory system and unrivaled product selection allows consumers to rapidly source factory direct products at uniquely affordable prices.

We are a manufacturing company specializing in cast parts and components such as Steering Ball Race Atul Shakti - 56 mm, Diesel Engine Cylinder Kit, Lombardini Diesel Engine, Diesel Engine Connecting Rod, Diesel Engine 520 - Lub. Oil Pump, Lomardini-520 Diesel Engine Cam Follower Set, Steering Ball Race Piaggio Ape Full Cone Set, Diesel Engine Gear, Diesel Engine Camshaft, Steering Ball Race Piaggio Ape Half Cone Set, Piaggio Ape Cluster Gear, Lombardini Diesel Engine Rocker Kit Set and other components. We have in-house centrifugal casting foundry. The melting process is done by Induction Furnace. This process is pollution / smoke and noise free, ensuring fine result and excellent mix. This also eliminates the possibility of hidden porosities, blow holes and casting defects common to conventional castings. The castings produced by a combination of induction melting and centrifugal casting processes are superior, consistent and have better microstructure.

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